just Breaking Bad… – Part 6

Finally, the beautiful day arrived and I could try out my crystals. Satisfied, I went to the chemical laboratory. I think I was too overjoyed, as I didn’t notice a distributor perched on the corner of the table top. The device fell down on the floor and shattered into pieces. I reminded myself the last evening and several hours long drudgery when I was trying to produce a uniform solution of the sodium amide in benzene. As everybody knows – dissolution was impossible – all in all, polar dissolves only in polar! However, I wanted to obtain a possibly smooth suspension. I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the fruits of my work, so I put the liquid in a distributor mounted on a stand close to the tabletop’s edge. Unfortunately, emulsion wasn’t solid enough, and the amide flown out on the surface of benzene. Then, it combined with a damp air and ignited along with benzene.

By the way, I wondered how was it possible that benzene, which was withdrawn from sale as a substance responsible for the development of leukaemia, was present in the laboratory in the first place? The chemist most probably had a thing or two on his conscience and new perfectly that even though benzene is carcinogenic, it is the best non-polar thinner. It was too late for any second thoughts, however. Bubbling, embellished with occasional rings of black smoke, has turned into live fire.

„I am lucky that it has not started 10 minutes ago!” I thought and stripped a fire blanket from the wall. Attempts to fight a flaming benzene would come to nothing. Since it had smaller density, it would emerge on its surface and burn without any obstacles.

I have managed to suppress the flames. In the meantime, a fire alarm sounded. It hooted, inviting uninvited guests. I looked dumbstruck directly at the workshop doors, and the remaining solution leaking through the broken pipe of the distributor.

„For God’s sake!” I screamed edgily. I was trying to decide what should I do in such a situation.

For God’s sake!!! I screamed once again. I don’t know when some people started to pull me off from the dust clouds. I believe they were two security guards guarding the building, Aniela and Łucja also run over to help them. Fortunately, they were not accompanied by two trainees. I must have looked ridiculously in the gas mask, led by two men in uniforms, and squeezing a freshly produced methamphetamine. Looks perfect!

„We can see that you had a great fun after your working hours. We will call someone and you will need to give a lot of explanations. It doesn’t look good.” One of the officers muttered.

„Wait!” I tried to stop them beseechingly. „You know, I just wanted to carry out some chemical experiments, just for fun.” I had no idea if my explanations make any sense at all, or will they be useful in any way.

„My experiments could have failed… Only theoretically I did it according to the tested formula. You can try it for free. I can even give it back to you. Just don’t call anybody.”

Security guards glanced at each other knowingly. I guess I had more luck than reason. I was looking at two youngsters who didn’t care about law, just like me.

„Ok”. One of them said. „But it stays just between us and you!”

Prawa autorskie

Wszelkie materiały (w szczególności: artykuły, opowiadania, eseje, wywiady, zdjęcia) zamieszczone w niniejszym Portalu chronione są przepisami ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych. Jakiekolwiek ich wykorzystywanie poza przewidzianymi przez przepisy prawa wyjątkami, w szczególności dozwolonym użytkiem osobistym, jest zabronione.

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