just Breaking Bad… – Part 5

Aniela run over to me. She told me that she carried out an inventory in one of the rooms in the attic.

„I have a problem with a wardrobe. It got blocked or something?!” Aniela looked irritated. I understood her. We stayed until late again. Today, everybody just wanted to leave the place and enjoy their own private lives, or the illusion of it. We all were sort of workaholics, people without families. But you can’t work all day and night, can you?

I followed Aniela along a dark corridor, and towards the stairwell. Now we were heading towards the wardrobe, which, as Aniela claimed, just got blocked. The wardrobe resembled a sort of large metal box, where one could hide the biggest treasures. It looked like a strongbox. Why would they keep something like this in the attic? I was slightly taken aback by this fact.

I pulled at it. Nothing. Pulled at it once again. Nothing again. It was possible to open the closet only by trashing the lock with a „Bosch”. Fortunately, the basement was full of devices which would make an owner of a garage shop or any repair shop burst with pride. By the way, the facility had surprised me everyday.

After five minutes I was standing in front of the strongbox in a plastic goggles and a „Bosch” to deal with this stubborn piece of furniture. I believe it took me an hour to open the wardrobe using the mentioned device, heavy hammer, and my own kicks. I discovered the darkness. I was so furious that thought I will break it to pieces. All those endeavors to find emptiness!

I peered inside. It was so dark that I didn’t notice a black rubbish bag and a yellow plastic bag from „Biedronka” shopping mall. I got cold feet, because the bag slipped under my feet.

I screamed. Later, I pulled it on the middle of the room to have a look inside.

„O fuck!” To be honest, I wanted to curse more juicily, releasing colourful stream of words. What I saw made me feel like vomiting. Aniela, sensing that something is wrong, stepped back with a gnarled expression on her face.

„I found human bones there.” I screamed and moved back towards the exit to catch some fresh breath.

„How is it possible? A corpse?” Mumbled Aniela whose face turned white.

„If you don’t believe me, see it on your own.”

„Gosh, what happened here?!” Aniela squeaked. But she remained in the same place, unable to move. She trusted me.

„We need to do something with it.” I didn’t want to call the police, because they would discover my small experiments in the laboratory. I was ready to cover someone else for the sake of my hideout. What would Walter White do in such a situation? I was in two minds.

„I am going to call someone. Or I will call for my boss.” Aniela felt a commitment of an office worker.

„Wait!” I screamed annoyingly. I was aware that she is actually right. But what about my methamphetamine? I had to save my own ass!

„If we call the police, we will not get out of this place for another week. Besides, I think that it just may be a stupid joke. You know, these bones, they are like from Biology lessons.” I was talking nonsense. Me myself would not believe in such drivel that I was inventing on the spot.

Aniela was looking at me with her eyes widened. I was not able to detect any favorable information there. I was waiting another second which seemed like eternity.

„Ok. But we need to do something with it. I regret that I came here.” Aniela stuttered out her line as if she was supposed to recite it.

„We will burn him… her… whoever it is in the furnace. I will take care of it!” I answered quickly so that she couldn’t change her mind.

“I must cool down. And forget”. Aniela tearfully announced that she is taking a break from work. She went there to smoke a cigarette and forget.

I pulled latex gloves over my hands. No, I wasn’t afraid about leaving my fingerprints. I did not want to touch the finding with my bare hands. I grasped the bag and went down to the basement, where the boiler room was located. I was lucky, because the stoker would appear every day around noon. I had several hours to burn this surprise. I did not have any idea if this will burn at all. I started to believe that this is a scientific help, and not real human remains.

I opened the furnace doors and thrown it into the burning fires. After a moment I reminded myself about a yellow plastic back. I went back to the attic. I pulled it out from the wardrobe and opened it insecurely. I found a human head. Plastic bag from „Biedronka” slipped out of my grasp. I jumped back by several meters, closing my eyes.

„What an ass-hole keeps a human head in a yellow bag from „Biedronka”!” I screamed. I do not know who. And I will never know. I started to casually descend the staircase as if nothing happened. I strode resolutely, heading to the boiler room. The yellow bag with a red „Biedronka” inscription and a shocking content finished inside the furnace.

„Rest in peace, man” I whispered the line which came to my head. I do not even know what for…

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