just Breaking Bad… – Part 8

Aniela went over to a young guard, the braver one. She caught his hand and pulled it closer to her neckline. He did not remain passive for long. He started kissing her and greedily unbutton her blouse. She looked like a school teacher as always. This could have excited her imagination.

I took a step closer to Łucja. I grasped her buttocks firmly. I gave her a spank, and pressed against a wall.

And I thought you will not grab me – she hissed directly into my ear. This excited me even more. Out of the corner of my eye, I looked at Aniela who was having even more fun with the young guardian. But his friend was missing. After a while everything was clear. The one who was most afraid of my methamphetamine got hit by the strongest rush of energy. He started running all around the building, every now and then appearing disguised as a janitor or wearing large glasses from a chemical laboratory. It was surreal, but that wasn’t that supposed to be a final effect of my methamphetamine?

Aniela was moaning even louder. It was impossible to miss this hot scene from sight, when the young guy fucked her on a table. He was eating her out. And she was caressing her breasts. It seemed that he was really skillful, as she was overwhelmed with euphoria. I managed to glimpse at Łucja, when I felt lips pressed on my penis. I didn’t expect she was able to do it. She was swallowing his entire dick, then she was licking and sucking its tip. I pressed my hands against the wall. I had an impression that such caressing method can be felt twice as stronger.

I lifted her after several minutes. I did not want to reach an orgasm that fast. But I still wanted to feel her inside. I pressed her against the table, where Aniela was whimpering even more. Łucja sticked out her curvy buttocks. I spanked her again, I simply couldn’t stop myself. I put my dick inside her and started to rhythmically move in her. I think the girls were really heated up, because they started to touch each other. At the beginning they made a French kiss, then Łucja clung to Aniela’s right breast. It was a really sweet scene.

The young guy followed my example and undid my fly and then took Aniela. She was squealing even stronger. The table was vibrating. And one must say that as for a classic piece of office furniture it was really durable.

Sexual ecstasy continued to last, when we suddenly saw the young security guard. He was standing in the door wearing a white overalls, probably borrowed from the hygienist room. He had a stethoscope dangling from his neck. He approached Aniela with a solemn face and pressed it against her bosom. I felt like laughing. I even snorted quietly.

„You need a medicine, babe.” Stammered out the disguised security guard, then he pulled out his penis and put it into her mouth.

This is how my methamphetamine prepared according to Walter White’s recipe works. We had a wide orgy in a room where some most corruptible decisions of this controlled facility had been taken. Nobody knows that my methamphetamine was prepared very carefully, so there is still several hours of savory jollies.

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