Verified Methods for a Holiday Pick Up

Holiday period is a time fit for adventures and new acquaintances. Beaches and discos are packed with beautiful, scantily dressed girls. In this laid back atmosphere you can easily strike up any conversation. Men and women alike dream about making new acquaintances, with an erotic overtone often. How to stand a chance and attract attention of an attractive woman or a handsome man?

A short tale about an art of seduction

The art of seduction is as old as… sexes themselves. In prehistoric times already there existed particular behaviors helping to attract attention of the desired male of female sweetheart. Men were showing bravery and dexterity when hunting to impress women with their strength, initiative and shrewdness. But what is the key to successfully arouse the opposite sex’s interest?

Many people ask themselves a following question: „I am a worthy, sensitive person and I can give a lot to my future partner. Why nobody can see this?” Both men and women struggle with such insecurity. Let’s try to find an answer relying on rules governing the entire nature.

Even in the animal kingdom there are certain rituals that must be followed by males and females, if they want to gain favor of the opposite sex. Individuals not able to cope with the task are eliminated from the contest. Brutal? Well, that’s how nature works.

People are animals in a way, even if our brains are more developed than in other species. However, our subconsciousness always responds to certain stimuli. Whether we want it or not, a woman tends to notice self-confident, vigorous men, because her subconsciousness identifies them as resourceful partners. On the other hand, not that many men will say no to a woman who sends erotic signals and wooes him, but then withdraws for a moment, thereby inviting him to the „seduction game”. In such a situation most men feel an irresistible desire to win the woman’s heart, as their subconsciousness identifies the situation as a stimulus to commence the mating ritual.

Of course, most of these mechanisms are disguised and rationalized. A woman would never openly admit that she is attracted to „scoundrels” and „warrior” types. She will rather say: „I like men who know what they want” or „I like inventive guys.” Similarly, men are generally not willing to admit that they dream about „a slave woman” or „their private female.” Instead, they will claim that they are impressed with „mysterious women” or „females surrounded by a magic aura.” But in fact, this „magic aura” boils down to a shrewd ability of sending invitations to play in a seduction game.

Advice for men

-Try to appear self-confident. Remember to keep the upright position and to be energetic in movements. Do not forget about the open posture and a smile. Contrary to certain opinion, woman basically don’t like pensive, clammed up, sad and uncommunicative men.

– Try to display a manly bearing. Your body build is not the most important thing. Your movements are. Never cross your legs, do not assume a closed posture, do not cross your hands and do not keep your head low. Have a businesslike, no-nonsense demeanor.

– Don’t be afraid to make an eye contact with a woman. If your eyes meet, try to open your pupils even wider, so that your face could appear interesting and friendly. If you turn your glance aside, you lost. Instead, you should smile slightly and outstare her. This is when you can avert your gaze.

– Do not avoid the conversation. It is very important to establish a verbal contact. A piece of honest advice: avoid tedious and serious topics. Do not try to impress a woman by besieging her with curiosities about computer programs, stock exchange quotations or constructional details of a newest car engine. The expected effect will be the opposite. Women love men who know how to entertain and amuse them. Try to show your sense of humor. Start a topic that will be comfortable both for you and your interlocutor.

– Learn how to listen. Refer to what the girls said, do not change the topic. Encourage her by asking successive questions. Focus your attention on topic which are most interesting to her.

– Learn how to be a helmsman of your acquaintance. Take control over the situation. In contrast to what most women claim, they are always impressed by a men who know what he wants. Do not be afraid to suggest taking a walk, going out to the cinema or eating a dinner in a restaurant. Shy guys should remember that fear makes cowards of us all. Most women like to be worshipped and respond favorably to such propositions, even if they tend to refuse on the first stage of acquaintance.

– Prepare some pretext to maintain contacts with her. If you are in a beautiful spot, take a picture with your mobile phone, and ask for her phone number or email address to share it with her later on. Tell her about some interesting place and suggest going out for a stroll. If you have your profile on a social platform, invite the girl you’re interested in to your friends. This will make it easier to keep in touch with her.

– Do not be pushy. Put forward a proposal, but do not force yourself upon her. At the beginning many woman refuse to have a meeting. Just pretend that you don’t care. At any circumstances, do not show her that you are sad, upset or depressed because of that. Remain self-confident. Such an approach intrigues women, as it proves that the man has guts and charisma. If you will do it, in nine cases out of ten, the woman will send you an encouraging „signal” to resume the game.

– Do not be afraid to reveal your sensitivity. Remember that women in general are evolutionarily „programmed” to establish a hearth and home. You will impress her a lot if you’ll warmly mention your mother, family or with playful jealousy tell her about „great kids of your friend.” Let her think that she has discovered your mystery – soft heart hidden deeply beneath the tough guy’s armor.

– If you are in the group of men you can stand out with an energetic demeanor. A women will always look at a men who enjoys the greatest authority among his friends. Physical beauty doesn’t really matter in such situations.

– If a woman you’re interested in is surrounded by her friends, try to speak with her face to face, if it is possible at all. If you are in a disco, go and dance with her. If you are in some other place, find an excuse and draw her aside. Walk away from the group, even for a moment. A woman may be embarrassed among her friends, and may assume a closed attitude that she would avoid during a private conversation.

-If you haven’t found yourself in a larger group of women, approach the one who looked at you first. Remember, eye contact is the important, first signal of interest, and invitation to flirting often.

– Do not get discouraged. Perhaps next to a stunning, but unapproachable blond, there is a pleasant brunette and it’s worth to try to meet her

Advice for women

– Try to dress sexy, but not exceedingly so. Remember that men are attracted to enigmatic ladies. Do not forget about a discreet makeup. Eyes are particularly important. You should underline them. Nothing woes the man more than a languishing look from behind long eyelashes.

– Don’t be afraid to joke, tease, smile, make subtle, playful faces. Dynamic personality attracts attention and is sexy.

– Send signals by delicate, physical contact. Sometimes casual, accidental touch may be a very strong stimulus for a man. Slight graze him with a finger, adjust his shirt’s collar, flick the invisible mote off his arm – such gestures are sometimes more effective than thousands of words.

– Do not act like an aloof princess. Very often men are afraid of such women, especially shy guys. Do not avoid taking control over the situation. Nothing bad will happen if you will be the one who initiates the conversation.

– Do not be too easy. It is much easier to conquer a man’s body than his heart. If you want to win his heart over, your must start your seduction game and you need some more time for it. But be careful not to hurt a man’s pride. You should subtly make him understand that he is interesting, but the ripe time will come for everything.

-Remember about your body gestures. Try to make your manners very feminine. Do not be afraid to brush your hair aside, cross your legs and look deeply into his eyes. Men regard such gestures as important signals.

-Show your interest, don’t talk only about yourself. Allow your man to feel appreciated and noticed, boost his confidence. Remember that we usually like people similar to ourselves. Don’t forget to mention key phrases during the conversation: „I also have it like this” or „I think likewise.”

– Find a pretext to keep in touch with him. Don’t be afraid to say: „it’s nice talking with you” or „what are you doing tomorrow?” If you have heard about an interesting movie in the cinema or a beautiful spot, you can casually say: „I would really like to go there, but I don’t have any company.”

– Believe in your potential. Become aware of your strengths. Trust your female intuition. Remember that most men will perceive you the same way you perceive yourself.

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