Down the Stairs

„Aren’t you afraid?” I asked because I saw fear in her eyes.

„No.” She cut it short. She was sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. She was stretching my sweatshirt in a very unique way, like no one else.

„They will be here in a moment…” I whispered, listening to the regular slamming of the doors.

„Look,someone’s on the balcony!”

„It’s a fireman! Does he really think he will enter from there? Good luck, mate!” I screamed with a hint of mockery in my voice.

„What a flurry. They are surrounding us everywhere. What do they want from us?” She asked with a grudge.

„Hyenas! This is what they are paid for. I suppose they are cursing us and this apartment for the whole shebang, as they could have been doing nothing, pretending that they are doing something actually useful. But no, they are called up and need to do the job” – I grunted, looking pitifully at the fireman. He was yanking at the knob of the balcony doors, and was trying to spy something through the window at the same time. „Go and torch some haystacks, you moron” I said quickly to him. Suddenly he stopped yanking at the knob.

„Do you think he heard me?”

„Perhaps… but I doubt it, it’s too noisy here.”

„Oh yes, you forgot to turn the music off… such a waste of electricity”. She looked at me provocatively. We both cracked up.

„Do you remember the place we first kissed?” I asked looking deeply in her eyes.

„Yes, a 'sandpit’ out of town. I was a junior in my secondary school.” She said with such an emphasis that each syllable, if it only wanted, could last forever.

„Sun, wilderness, silence, only martins zipped like hell.”

„Those were the times, I already knew that you are the answer to my prayers.”

„You were praying to have a boyfriend?” I asked curiously.

„Yes, are you surprised?”

„Not really. I used to pray also and asked the God to help me find a girl… but I have changed this request after some time. I was praying to find the right one… and… I found you.


„Look, motherfuckers sprang open our door!”

„They are surprised, just look at their faces.”

„I guess they don’t know what to do.” I carefully analyzed every movement of two cops and one firefighter holding some strange gear. They were standing in the doorway, looking at us. One of them came in, reported something through the radio. A minute later some portly guy without the uniform and three paramedics entered the apartment. The guy told them to take care of us and left the apartment.


„You know, you had a good idea with this computer cable.” They are struggling, I don’t think they will manage.

„Nothing will disconnect us, not those ass-holes for sure.” I said indignantly, looking at one of the cop who was trying to untie a triple knot binding our wrists.”

„We are laying on the floor.”

“I forgot to vacuum it! I knew that I need to do something else.”

„Yes, you called it to mind in the right time.”

„Hey, look, they will resuscitate us! Are they fucked up?”

“Perhaps they are following some procedure.” She said disappointedly.


„You are beautiful as ever.” I looked again in her eyes, deeply blue, one of a kind.

„You too, babe magnet.” She smiled.

„Are we flying off?” I said without even thinking.

„There’s nothing for us here!” I heard her voice, not as clear as before, but still sonorous, still very… spirited and joyful at the same time. A voice of the girl ready to follow me into the dark. Just together, just far away from people, their artificiality, enviousness and hypocrisy… away from school, politics, the lady from the 24 hour shop, who treats everybody as a thief, from a broken toilet, away from Tusk, pedophile priests, invasion on Ukraine and hunger in Africa…

We run out holding our hands, we passed the fireman, two cops and three paramedic fighting… With us? For us? We ran down the stairs… straight ahead.

Prawa autorskie

Wszelkie materiały (w szczególności: artykuły, opowiadania, eseje, wywiady, zdjęcia) zamieszczone w niniejszym Portalu chronione są przepisami ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych. Jakiekolwiek ich wykorzystywanie poza przewidzianymi przez przepisy prawa wyjątkami, w szczególności dozwolonym użytkiem osobistym, jest zabronione.

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